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Our Company began in 2011 as one of local tour operators in Siem Reap, Cambodia Travel, with an international tourism license. We have been a specialist for customized trips to Cambodia for the past two years.

Many of our customers, however, want to go with us just for some excursions and organize other parts of the trip themselves. And Bab Tours was born to fulfill that wish: an online travel site where travelers can arrange short excursions at competitive prices. Travel with us for ultimate flexibility and freedom.

Why Us?

  1. I am the local guide
  2. We always bring all the best
  3. Price match guarantee
  4. Make your trip easy and fun
  5. We work honestly
Who we are

BAB Tour is a professional tourism services and tour operator located in Siem Reap City, which has several services to both local and foreign tourists and travelers. We serve tourists for tour organizing, global flight tickets, all kind of tour & travel transportation, accommodation, and diverse language tour guides. BAB Tour always serves you the best services with good price.


BAB Tour believes that tourists and travelers must get pleasure, memorable safety from their travel and tour. BAB Tour has the very strong commitment to provide the tourists the best services.


BAB Tour commits to serve the best services to tourists and travelers, for both local and foreign travelers and tourists. Thus, all comments from clients will be considered in order to improve our quality of services. We respect our clients. The friendly, respectful and helpful staffs are always waiting to assist you by directly visit or via on phone call or email. We provide tourists and travelers the confidence and trust by offering good price and good service. We always take care of our clients.

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